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December Reading

Earlier this month we went on holiday to Canon’s Ashby House, a wonderful historic property managed by the Landmark Trust.


It was blissfully quiet, so I made a start on my holiday reading list. These are the books I read during December, and what I thought of them.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since I finished reading it. Its core thesis – misdirected effort is waste – resonates strongly with me. I found several ideas especially exciting.

  • Minimum Viable Product: Understanding what customers want is crucial. A Minimum Viable Product is a prototype or rough version, which allows the team to “collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”
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The Silent Age, Episode 1

I’ve just finished playing Episode 1 of The Silent Age, an amazingly cool point and click adventure with a really straightforward interface, simple but distinctive art design, and interestingly mysterious story.

I love this artwork: stylish, simple, emotive.
I love this artwork: stylish, simple, emotive.

It is made by House on Fire, a Danish indie studio. What is the game about? In their words,  The Silent Age is a minimalistic 2-D point-and-click adventure game for smartphones, and especially tablets, in which you use time travel to solve puzzles. The adventure takes you back and forth between present day 1972 and an unsettling future in 2012. Based on my play through, that’s a good summary. Without wanting to give away too much, the time travel mechanic is what makes this game really stand out. If a problem can’t be solved in the here and now, then maybe it can be solved in a different time. Continue reading The Silent Age, Episode 1