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Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

I was asked to watch this talk for the Creative Problem Solving course that I’m studying with Coursera and the University of Minnesota. Johnson talks about the importance of networks and sharing ideas as engines of innovation. There’s a condensed version on the Youtube video below, with some neat animation. Check it out.

What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

This is the last week of one of the courses I’m studying through Coursera – Critical Thinking in Global Challenges. The final exam asked students to apply their critical thinking skills to the problem of publication bias in medicine. One of the sources we were asked to evaluate was this TED talk by Dr Ben Goldacre.

I make no secret of my admiration for Ben Goldacre. I loved his Guardian columns, and I think his book Bad Science is a must-read for anybody who aims to make evidence-based decisions. His campaigning for the the findings of all clinical trials to be reported, AllTrials, is commendable, and this TED talk explains why it matters so much.

Bonus: here’s an article from the NY Times on publication bias from 1999.