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Do Something Different 4: As A Child

One frequent observation of creativity that is research and personally based, is that children are often more spontaneous and creative before they are socialized by the educational process. In other words, you played as a kid. Think back to some of your childhood experiences and for this DSD, do something you used to do as a child that you don’t do now. You will be evaluated based on your choice, your reasons, and your reflections of change between then and now.


How could I do something as a child? I thought back to my own childhood. Growing up as the oldest of five meant that I was surrounded by toys and games. What I enjoyed the most was always free-form play – outside of rules, where unconnected toys took different roles in the same crazy fictional world.
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Games and Play

This is the latest in a series of posts relating to the Gamification class I’m taking through Coursera.

“A game is a series of meaningful choices” – Sid Meier

What is the difference between games and play? In broad terms, play is unrestrained, spontaneous, exuberant, whereas games are formal, structured, and driven towards outcomes. In lecture 2.3, Kevin Werbach discussed the work of Roger Callois, who drew the distinction between ludus – structured activities with explicit rules, i.e. games) – and paidia – unstructured and spontaneous activities, i.e. playfulness. You can read more about Callois and his ideas here.
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