Gamification for Collaborative Consumption (1 of 2)

This is the question for the third written assignment of the Gamification class I’m taking through Coursera. My answer will follow shortly.

photo via National Archive of the Netherlands, Flickr Commons
photo via National Archive of the Netherlands, Flickr Commons

You are approached by Rashmi Horenstein, the CEO of ShareAll, a prominent company in the hot collaborative consumption space. She knows you are one of the top experts on gamification, which she has heard can revolutionize business. She asks you to present a proposal for a gamified system to take her business to the next level.

ShareAll’s mission is to make shared use of products and services as common as individual purchases. It follows the path of companies such as AirBnB, Buzzcar, and Uber, which allow sharing of particular products (cars, housing, etc). ShareAll’s patented technology makes it easy for consumers and business to share any product or service. ShareAll has also developed a global virtual currency, called Shares, which can be used to purchase access to any asset in the system. Shares can be exchanged for real money, and users can generate more Shares by sharing items or volunteering their time to complete tasks for others.

ShareAll charges a small transaction fee whenever Shares are generated, traded, or spent. Therefore, the more activity, the more money ShareAll makes. Horenstein tells you that she cares about the social benefits of sustainability. However, ShareAll is a for-profit company, with investments and partnerships from some of the world’s largest corporations, so profits matter. Horenstein believes gamification could significantly help ShareAll’s business. She is eager to read your ideas.

Provide a detailed description of your proposal, organized according to Kevin Werbach‘s Gamification design framework:

  1. Define business objectives
  2. Delineate target behaviours
  3. Describe your players
  4. Devise activity loops
  5. Don’t forget the fun!
  6. Deploy the appropriate tools

Format: Maximum of 1500 words. A normal answer will have descriptive text, and/or a set of bullet points, for each of the six sections of the design framework.

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